30/30: Day 30 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, well, well. Here we are, ya'll. THE LAST DAY OF APRIL. 

Today's poem seemed aptly titled (and themed) and inspired by the children Von Trapp. 

I sent in this final poem of 30/30 around 10 this morning and I gotta say, it felt weird knowing it would be the last one. It will likely feel a lot weirder tomorrow. 

It's been a month of ups and downs. There were times, writing poems at 4 am or midnight or during my lunch break or on the bus, when I asked myself:

And felt like:

Though, those were tempered by times when I would feel like this, proud of taking part in this, proud of sticking to doing something for an entire month:

And sometimes, I'd write and send in "poems" that made me ask:

And again, that feeling would be tempered, mostly because people have been so generous with donating to Tupelo Press in my name and taking the time not only to read along, but also to send prompts and emails of encouragement and support and "like" blog posts/poems on facebook, all of which always made me feel like:

So, at the end here, some special shoutouts: 

  • To my dear friend, Arlo, fellow UO & 30/30 alumni, for convincing me this would be a good idea.
  • To my roommate, Lindsey, for putting up with my ongoing GAH I HAVE TO GO WRITE MY POEM FOR TODAY throughout all of April.
  • To my fellow 30/30 poets--WE DID IT!
  • To Kirsten Miles and Marie Gauthier at Tupelo Press for their answering of all questions and posting of all poems. 
  • And to you, dear reader(s) and supporters! The knowledge that someones, somewheres were reading kept me writing. Thank you for keeping warm the cockles of my cold heart. 

In sum, it's been a terrific experience. Thanks for following along with the blog, following along with the poems, and supporting Tupelo Press in my name. Postcards are forthcoming! I'll likely blog from time to time, but for now: 

30/30: Day Twenty-Nine

DAY 29!!??!!

Hahah.  No, really, I AM happy about having done this and making it this far.  In fact, I was talking last night to my dear friend, Arlo, who did 30/30 last May, and it was good to recap the experience with him. I have never been a poet to have a daily practice and while I do believed I "mined" the world for poems before this project, my ears and heart and imagination are more open after (nearly) a month of doing this work. 

I really appreciate those of you who have followed along, donated to Tupelo, and checked out the poems and the blog. It's been lovely to know people have been reading. 

Today's poem was born of exhaustion and another Kundiman: Fireside Blog Prompt from friend and fellow Fellow, Muriel Leung

Write the memory of salt.

This is a great prompt and one I will return to.  The poem for today, is, meh. I have a whole host of ideas for it I can't get to. Suffice to say, this is one of the things I shall not miss about the 30/30 project.

Some things I was thinking of (that I don't really think are in the poem, yet):

30/30: Day Twenty-Eight

Two days left!

Today's poem was written in response to a prompt for my friend and fellow Kundiman fellow, Soham Patel, who is also the world's best hype-woman (punctuating all correspondence with wonderfully timed YEAHs!).

Her prompt from the Fireside: Kundiman Poetry Blog included some of the following (you should go read the whole thing and her poem, too!):

Conduct a “Google Image” search that looks something like this:

“portraits of __[patels]___”  …

but insert instead any one of your names or family names (your sir name or your good name - mother’s/maiden or middle).  Of course you might see yourself. 

This is the portrait I chose.

Soham's prompt also included this amazing video (which, I highly recommend watching):

As of 4:23 PST, my poem's not posted yet, but here's a sneak peak:

I think we could be friends,

Catherine Brooke Peñaloza Ptzak.

I see your penchant for cool glasses,

your easy smile and defined chin.

My Mommy Minda—maybe, she is ours

has a chin that juts from her face

that same way, like an exclamation. 

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