Write-O-Rama at the Hugo House

This Saturday, December 7th I, along with a whole slew of writers, will be teaching at Hugo House's Write-O-Rama. 

From the Hugo House website "Write-O-Rama is a fundraising event for Richard Hugo House. All money raised goes directly to help further our work of supporting writers – from their first words to their last."

I'll be teaching two 50-minute courses back to back, "Sound It Out: Narrative Without Narrative." We'll take a look at the ways in which a poet can render narrative obliquely  through choices in sound. How can one create a meaning at the level of sound? Or as Frost put it, "One who concerns himself with [the sound of sense] more than the subject is an artist." In one hour, we'll try to hear that "abstract sound of sense [like] the voices behind a door that cuts off the words." Meaning, then, carried foremost by sound and tone.