Poem-A-Day for the Month of April: T-minus Tomorrow!

Ha. Well, I'm (not) completely terrified. 

I've (courageously? foolishly?) agreed to write a poem a day for the 30 /30 Project for Tupelo Press for the month of April. I'm terrified! I'm excited! I hope to grow from this (public) daily practice. Anyway, it's all for a good cause: supporting a fantastic press.

I hope that this is a growing experience for me;  I hope that I write poems of dedication, empathy, and provocation. I hope that I keep writing; I hope that I can do this. 

The goal, in addition to the practice of writing a poem a day, is to also fundraise $500 for Tupelo Press. It's a poetry marathon! If you are able, please donate! It will only take $16.67 of donations a day to make $500 in a month! 

If you're interested in supporting this trepidatious (for me), yet (very) exciting project (for me, also), there are 3 ways!

  • Subscribe to Tupelo Press! This is kind of an amazing deal: 9 books for $99 and they pay the shipping. You can choose a curated series or create your own personalized list of any 9 Tupelo Press titles. Be sure to put my name in the "comments" field if you choose this option. 
  • Complete the Tupelo Press Donation Form. Be sure to put my name in the "honor" field if you choose this option. You can write this off on your taxes!
  • Donate Using Pay Pal, by clicking the orange "Quick Donation via PayPal" button on this page. Be sure to put my name in the "message" field. 

For each option, be sure to include my name so that I get credit for your sponsorship. If you would like a tax receipt, you should provide your mailing address. 

We live in a world suffuse with poetry, so why not honor it with daily practice and a little bit of coin. 

Also, check out this post from Kundiman's Fireside: A Poetry Blog. See? Poetry is everywhere!