30/30: Day One

Haha. Ya'll. It's Day One and I am already a little tired! I stayed up late toying with lots of poem ideas whilst intermittently watching Rupaul's Drag Race. Perhaps an "Ode to Reading" or "The Library is Open" or an acrostic of F U N D A M E N T A L is in order?

So far, despite the afternoon tireds, I feel fine about the process. I found myself turning ideas and lines over in my head more than usual today--probably in part because I am paying more attention ("What the hell am I gonna blog about?") and because I have the set deadline of having to write a poem everyday. 

I began this morning by reading Fasting for Ramadan by Kazim Ali (from Tupelo Press! Won't you consider subscribing?). Obviously, Ramadan and writing poems for 30 days are completely different practices, but I like the symmetry of reading "Day One" on the day of my own "Day One." Ali's reflections are lyrical and practical; a very human and easy-to-wake-to voice.

I emptied myself out into the bowl of a diffuse afternoon, leaves of text scattering into the late summer, yellow paper trickling into the ground.

Will I find my way back to myself I briefly wondered.

I'd already let the feeling pass and was loping in a different direction.

The plants are all outdoor plants, not mean to grow inside.

My first poem was posted today: "This Same Old Song."  (FYI from Day Two--the future!--you've got to scroll down to Day One to see it). Ha, writing that, I am wondering about that title. Sigh. Titles: [shakes fist] you give me such trouble! This poem I've carried around in pieces for a minute, particularly the lines, "I miss the idea of you, / standing in twilight among the collards" and "I'm glad to meet a man and take him home."

People, via the facebooks and in conversation, have given me some prompts! I've been toying with some of these:


"Write from the perspective of the first person you ever kissed." --SC

"Write a poem for Larry Itliong." --MM

Some friends have also sent me messages and emails with prompts. Thanks! Please keep 'em coming.

My dear mother also sent me the following:

Subject: Suggestions-topic

Some thoughts:

1. mallard ducks in the pond with white ring neck, emerald green head

2. no more snow, spring is here , time to rake the lawn

3. tulips are peeping from the ground

4. robins making their nest on my lilac bush

5. garbage day, folding boxes for recycling

6. Lent is here, pretty soon it will be Easter.

 I hope you got something from these. I love u, Michelle. 

take care!


I mean. That just writes itself doesn't it? Can I just copy and paste that?