30/30: Day Eleven

Happy Friday!

The weekends/start to the weekends seem to be proving the hardest for me in terms of my motivation to write poems. I am (to a fault) an incredibly social and busy person. I say yes a lot. I am lucky: I want to see and hangout with and grab tea/coffee/dranks with lots of people; I want to go to every reading and opening and birthday party and lecture and bon voyage and housewarming dinner and dinner party to which I get invited....which, often, especially on weekends, leaves little time for me to sit down, alone, and with enough time, write a damn poem. 

Fellow Kundiman fellow, Jason Bayani is also doing the 30/30 thing (not with Tupelo, but on the facebooks) and in addition to enjoying all the poems he's been posting, I especially appreciated this statement of his: 

I've heard a lot of people mention shit like, "Well, I already write every day." Well, fuck, good for you. I don't. Not to say folks aren't making sacrifices or doing work to create that space, this is just the way it's been for me. It's always been that way since I started working jobs with weird hours or worked more than one job. You carve it out where you can find it, but you're also living this regular life and kinda want to do regular life shit that other people do like go to bars or veg out watching Netflix. 

Uhhhhh. I feel this SO HARD. 

Anyway, all that really has nothing to do with the poem I wrote for today (as of 4pm PST, not posted yet--BUT I DID WRITE IT I SWEAR), haha. It's just me telling the 3 of you who read this blog how I am doing at this stage in the game. I'm proud that I have, in fact, written a new poem everyday. Haha, I am also scared and just plain tired thinking about how I have 19 more poems to write. I CAN DO IT RIGHT? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?

I raise my virtual glass to all ya'll writing poems everyday or any day.  Onward.