30/30: Day Fourteen

I had some good 'ole silly fun with the subject, process, and language of today's poem, (as of 4pm PST, not yet posted--but check back!) "Redacted Headline: Patti Labelle Arrested After Fist Fight with Aretha Franklin," which was inspired/prompted by an article that a fellow Kundiman Fellow posted on the facebooks.  

(BTW, for National Poetry Month, Kundiman's been curating an amazing blog of fellows sharing poems, questions, and prompts. You should do yourself a solid and check it out. Someone you know will be on it at some point this month...)

As for my own poem today, the article of inspiration--I've learned since playing around with and submitting my poem as erasure--is actually untrue. However, the poem that came from this layered tale, was quite fun to erase/write/create. 

Someone asked me the other day, "What are you getting out of this?" And, I'm choosing to answer that question today because on the weekends, I get grumpy/stressy that I am doing it, haha.

  • I'm making writing poems a priority; actually, more to the point, I'm making myself include the actual, physical process of writing a priority. I often subscribe to the idea that I'm always writing because I'm always gathering material, noting things, mulling over, etc; however, I often don't actually write anything down for days or weeks at a time. Having to produce something that is essentially enough of a poem to (eek!) send out into the world is very, very different from the way I normally operate. It's good for me. Like running and eating flax seed. 
  • I'm having fun (really, I AM, even as my blog entries reflect a level of crankiness). I've written some silly, more playful poems (uh, HELLO DAY 14) and some poems I wouldn't normally write--such as the horseshoe crab poem or the Cristina Yang poem or the paella for one / dinosaur poem. I think this project/process is helping me view poems less as sacred objects and opening me up for more play and levity. Yay! Play! Levity! I always need more of that, right? Don't front. You do, too. 
  • I'm really moved by people engaging and following along with my process (thanks for the prompts, ya'll!) and donating to Tupelo Press; your interest and your donations have been really motivating and heartening. Writing is a solitary action, which makes engagement and interaction with a community so essential. Thanks for supporting and accompanying me on this endeavor!  

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