30/30: Day Sixteen

So, I wanted to put this on my blog yesterday to mark the 1/2-way point for my participation in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project:

Haha. It does feel a little anti-climactic now, given that we are now a day more than 1/2-way there. Still! Feels like something worth celebrating. Karaoke, anyone?

Something that the past two weeks of WRITING A POEM EVERY SINGLE DAY has done to change my behavior: I make writing a poem--not just the work of 'poeting,' not just revision, not just sending stuff out--a priority in the way that I do daily, mundane things, like laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, filling up my car with gas, buying stamps. Now, as never before, "writing a poem" is there somewhere between the laundry and dinner-making and going to meet a friend for a drink.

Maybe this isn't so revolutionary for other people, but it's sort of a big deal for me. I am not a daily writer. I've never before composed so much new work daily; it's empowering and difficult. Empowering, because. hey, look--I can, in fact, do it. Difficult because it takes so much effort and energy and, frankly, I don't have good ideas for poems everyday. I don't hear or write the music of poems everyday. And, so, I think of the 16 poems I've written so far, there are some definite, ah, B-SIDES (to be kind to myself). Still, one needs fertilizer for a bountiful garden, yes?  

To be more positive, there are some poems that aren't lost causes (I like Day One, Day Five, Day Twelve and today). Certainly there are lines of which I can be proud. So, for today, the day after the half-way day, I've collated some of my favorite lines here for you:

I miss the idea of you,
standing in twilight among the collards.


Forget your vegetarianism
and be a human being with me.


Take note of the way desire
enters, like the falling scree of the stars.


that is to say, the man you learned
to unlove taught you
yourself, a new blazon:
ankles as handlebars, the face
a plate to lick clean. Breasts
uncompromising as bruises.


Your not-mouth become mouth,
grinning red and wide.


Today's poem, was inspired by memory and a new (used) book, Simon & Schuster's Complete Guide to Plants & Flowers, which, I bought at my new favorite book store, Twice Sold Tales (ha, I went to sell clothes at Crossroads and looked at books while waiting, sold NO clothes, and instead bought three books. Hahah, the opposite of what I set out to do after work yesterday). Anyway. I hope you enjoy today's poem; I enjoyed writing it. And because of this new (used) book, expect more plants and flowers in the coming weeks. Just FYI. 

Lastly, a BIG SHOUT OUT to dear friends who have donated to Tupelo Press in my name in honor of this daily writing endeavor. I bravely sent out a sheepish email yesterday asking for people to check out the blog, Tupelo 30/30 page, and consider donating. Thank you for your donations, kind notes, sweetness, appreciation, encouragement, and NOT unfriending me on facebook. YA'LL ARE AMAZING AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO WRITE INTERESTING POEMS FOR YOU. 

Now, I shall leave you with a GIF from my favorite tumblr, under the heading, "HOW I FEEL WHEN I TRY TO WRITE A HAIKU."

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