30/30: Day Twenty-One and Day Twenty-Two!

Day Twenty-One:

Oh, sh*t, ya'll. I missed a day blogging. 

I did have a poem up for Day Twenty-One, but couldn't manage the time to blog until today. For Day Twenty-One, I was tasked with writing a poem in response to Pablo Neruda. I chose to compose a cento--a poem composed of passages taken from other authors, rearranged in a new form. I don't know if this is "technically" a cento, since it's taken solely from Neruda; however, it was created from several of his poems. 

Ok. Truth time. I'm gonna confess. I phoned Day Twenty-One in a bit. I was away, I was relaxing, I was tired, I...could go on. I lazily read some Neruda online (and I say this, sheepishly--I love Pablo Neruda; one of my first "ah-ha" moments in my relationship with poetry was as a freshman in high school reading this book of translations given to me by a friend on some church trip. I remember feeling like I found an old and new friend. I underlined and starred so many lines of that book.)  I then copied and pasted diction and syntax and subject that crackled for me from several poems. All collated onto my computer and I then played around with the lines. It felt something like, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure / Poetry-By-Number. Not normally the way I compose, nor a "poem" I'm particularly proud of. Still, something, everyday, as I promised for the month of April. 

Crazy! Only eight days left. I am sad to think of that now, but I have a feeling by the end I will be relieved. This week is a little nuts with work / social engagements. Somehow, eight poems will be written. 

Day Twenty-Two:

Got home late from my flight and slept like the dead at 11 PM...only to wake at 4 this morning. Upon tossing around until 4:45, I decided to just get up and start writing. Poem for Day 22! I've sent it in, but not sure when it will be posted. I titled it, "Usually Beauty Fails," the name taken from a show I saw with my friends Tessa, Eric, and Emily Jo at On The Boards here in Seattle, back in January. Tessa and Eric have been writing reviews/responses for the OTB blog on each of the shows this season. They always come up with interesting modes and means of response; such as this; it's smart and thoughtful and funny. You should read the whole thing. Also, at the end, you can follow a link to a video of my reading, in "bad poet voice," the one-liners from that evening of processing the show. 

In the wee, still-dark hours of this morning, I was looking at the beginning of my latest notebook and found my own response to the Usually Beauty Fails. So, I played around with lines and, well, it's not a finished poem, methinks, but there are interesting things happening. I'm going to try to stretch my engagement with the medium of blogging, by using links, images, and GIFs to illustrate the haps in my brain this morning as wrote today's poem. 

In addition to lines from my ekphrastic response to the show and lines of narrative and imagery from some heartbreak walks:


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