30/30: Day Twenty-Three


I got up so early yesterday and then didn't go to bed until quite late. So, today's poem was completely written today and rather late in the day after I got home from work. 

Still, I had fun writing it because it was a fun prompt from fellow Kundiman Fellow, W. Todd Kaneko:

Find a video of some kind of verbal presentation—a speech or an interview or professional wrestling promo—whatever. Watch it over and over and over. Rewrite it using images, but without using any of the language of the original.  

Because I am so tired and because I was intrigued by the screenshot/preview of the video posted on the below the prompt, before Todd's poem, I simply watched this over and over and over: 

...and wrote today's poem, "God Bless Luna Vachon," dedicated to Todd for the prompt and the welcome discovery of Ms. Vachon. I actually didn't read his poem until after I had written mine, so it's interesting to see our different responses and approaches to the magic of Luna. 

Todd's book, The Dead Wrestler Elegies, drops Fall 2014. Ya'll should check out his amazingly link-filled answer to Iris Law's question (seriously, I just learned so much about pro wrestling) and his awesome poem (way way way more awesome than my poem) on Ms. Luna Vachon at the Kundiman Fireside Poetry Blog. 

I don't know if the poem will be posted today, since I am sending it so late (especially for EST), so here is a stanza from "God Bless Luna Vachon" to whet your appetite: 

She recalls a painted scene

somewhere between dungeon

and boudoir:

                    gown of skin,

                    gown of sinew.


Ok. I've had a long-ass day. Time for True Detective and tea.