30/30: Day Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

For me, the weekends are and have been the hardest when trying to write a poem everyday. I feel spent by the work week and often have social happenings and try to also get to life tasks like laundry and grocery shopping, etc. It's hard to find time to write poems on those days. 

This weekend I learned that this April is the month of the Astrological Re-Birth Canal. I'm not really big into astrology; I mostly think it's fun to scapegoat the stars for the crazy that occurs in life. Can't send any emails, have a lot of dropped calls, everyone seems to be getting the wrong messages from you, all your plans gone all haywire? Mercury's in retrograde.  Have some major upheavals and life changes? It's your Saturn Return, yo. 

It's possible I've been in the Pacific Northwest too long.

Still, in terms of what has been happening in the sky this month, I am willing to buy into the idea that astronomical shifts affect us. So that was what I was thinking about with my poem from the 26th.

My poem written this morning (Number 27! Holy crap!) was in response to landscape / heartbreak walk #15, which I walked on Saturday with my friend and colleague for my landscape / heartbreak project.  This is the route we walked: 

I've only got three more days, ya'll. Three more poems to write. If you have any last minute prompts, now's the time!

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