30/30: Day Twenty-Nine

DAY 29!!??!!

Hahah.  No, really, I AM happy about having done this and making it this far.  In fact, I was talking last night to my dear friend, Arlo, who did 30/30 last May, and it was good to recap the experience with him. I have never been a poet to have a daily practice and while I do believed I "mined" the world for poems before this project, my ears and heart and imagination are more open after (nearly) a month of doing this work. 

I really appreciate those of you who have followed along, donated to Tupelo, and checked out the poems and the blog. It's been lovely to know people have been reading. 

Today's poem was born of exhaustion and another Kundiman: Fireside Blog Prompt from friend and fellow Fellow, Muriel Leung

Write the memory of salt.

This is a great prompt and one I will return to.  The poem for today, is, meh. I have a whole host of ideas for it I can't get to. Suffice to say, this is one of the things I shall not miss about the 30/30 project.

Some things I was thinking of (that I don't really think are in the poem, yet):