30/30: Day Three

Today is a day of intentions not meeting reality.

Today, I am not sure what my poem for tomorrow will be.

Today, I haven't had any caffeine. Yesterday, I had too much.

Today, I didn't go into the office.

Today, I am worried about the sustainability of my efforts.

Today, I had high tea with my best friend.

Today, I've been talking about childhood proximity to sickness and death and how that shapes who we become.

Today, I miss my mother.

Today, I said I was going to work on a grant application and start several new poems. Instead, I went to the gym and made quiche and had high tea and burned sage and mugwort and cedar and palo santo to cleanse my room.


Today, I listened to a heartbreak walk of a friend and I on the ferry.

Today, the Kazim Ali quote from Fasting for Ramadan that's stayed with me: “The feeling inside is not of emptiness but a peculiar fullness of lack.”

Today, I'm thinking of people I love that are far away.