30/30: Day Five

Man, it is HARD to write on the weekend when you've been writing all week! 

I think I am more of a fan of today's poem than I've been of my past couple. My ma's suggestions were really generative, though, I'm gonna be honest, don't know that she'll actually like this poem. Haha, I'm sure she'll let me know either way. I'll let you know. 

Have had a lovely day so far, full of Long Walk lady friend dates: climbing and yoga with Joanna Lepore, of Tenacious Instinct; coffee and walk, with friend and Short Run organizer, Eroyn (landscape / heartbreak will be a part of Short Run 2014! More details, soon!) and later today, poet-date with Jennifer Towner--maybe I'll post some of our collaborations later today!

A main challenge for this month, as today seems to be proving, is how to create space for myself to reflect and compose as I continue to say yes to social and creative projects and get-togethers. Actually, this is one of my biggest challenges in general; I am often overly busy. There's always a reading or lecture or karaoke night or conversation or opening I want to be a part of. There's always a lovely friend I want to have brunch/lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks with.

I used to conceive of busy-ness as an indicator of significance or success in being a part of several communities ...but really, it's just reflective of my (over?)excitement for so many people. Also: my inability to say no. 

All good problems to have, but, busy social schedule + writing a poem everyday = challenges. Especially on the weekends.