30/30: Day Four

So. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, which makes trying to write a poem the last thing I wanted to do today. But. I did it. 

Haha, it's only Day Four and I'm hitting a fatigue-wall. This is often how any daily practice or earnest resolution goes for me:

Day One: I feel great! No meat / Daily exercise / Morning Yoga / Poem-a-Day is awesome!

Day Two: Still feel pretty good! I'm so glad I'm doing No meat / Daily exercise / Morning Yoga / Poem-a-Day!

Day Three:  Hey, this is really not so bad. No meat / Daily exercise / Morning Yoga / Poem-a-Day is something I can totally do.

Day Four: I'm going to stay in my PJs all day and eat Juanita's tortilla chips in bed and watch all of Alias. 

Haaaaaaay, Day Four! 

Also: I should confess. I am pretty hungover today. Still, a worthy reason: hanging out with writer friends, who text you things like, "I'm the weird kid who eats weird meat in the cafeteria," and say things like, "I've never loved anyone I didn't also really hate."