30/30: Day Six

Today's poem was inspired by the prompt of my friend, Madeline Moy, social media maven and food enthusiast, who responded to my requests for prompts with, "Write a poem about Larry Itliong." This was an awesome prompt because while I'd heard that name before, I didn't really know anything about Larry Itliong. There's such a strong history of Filipino-American activism in this country, something, that since I've moved to Seattle, I've had the pleasure of learning more and more about. 

I love Seattle for many reasons, not least of which are the wonderful members of the Filipino-American community I've met here--through Tagalog On-Site (that's how I met Madeline!) and through Kultura Arts, run by the supportive and intrepid Maria Batayola and (Uncle) Bob Flor. 

I don't have too much to say about the 30/30 process at the moment, only that it's still (surprise!) challenging to write a poem everyday and also challenging to let go of my feelings of sheepishness about whatever poem I've posted for the day. Hahahaha, breaking news: writing is hard, ya'll. 

But, I like challenges and the prompts people have been giving me have been good for helping me when I'm stuck. Feel free to suggest more prompts!

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