30/30: Day Seven

Waaaaah, today is the first day I've sent a poem so late! Don't know that it's posted yet...but look for Day 7 coming at you! 

For today: I blame the sun. The sun distracted me and lead me to the park and held me captive in its glorious light and there, I wrote lines and lines, and read and slept, but have only now made it back to my computer to send a poem and to write this here little post. 

The prompts for today's poem are several:

  • instructional French postcards
  • On Denny, here in Seattle, there's an open construction site and big signs that say: THIS IS NOT A GENTLE POEM.
  • the blazon
  • the stories I keep hearing from women who've experienced emotional/physical/psychological abuse

I'd say this poem has potential...this brings up another challenge of the 30/30 project: I NEED MORE TIME! I would've loved to have more time to spend with this poem (and I will, later) before sending it out into the world. But. Such is this project. 

Speaking of the project--thanks so much for donating, folks! Your support in this endeavor means so much. 

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