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#formerpossessions in Covelo / Round Valley

Friday, September 6th / 4-5:30 pm / Generative Writing Workshop, An Afternoon of Somatics

Taking a cue from poet CA Conrad, participants will engage in somatic poetry “rituals” to be mindful of the present moment and “reveal the creative viability of everything” around them. We're in the last gasps of summer! So, we’ll experiment together, using the everyday spaces of downtown Covelo as our inspiration to explore our outer and inner landscapes. This class is for folks who want to shake up their creative practice, write new work, and have fun! The event is free and open to the public.

Please come:

    • with a notebook and something with which to write

    • with something to keep time on your own (your phone or a watch will work well), preferably that can buzz and let you know when time's up, discreetly

    • ready to try new ways of prompting writing and shaking up your creative practice

Saturday, September 7th / 7-8:30pm / Open Mic + Local Author Book Launch:

Come celebrate Covelo's local literary scene with an Open Mic reading and a feature with local poet, Michelle Peñaloza. She'll read from her national award-winning collection. The book's called Former Possessions of the Spanish Empire, and in a series of powerful, straightforward, narrative lyrics, Peñaloza reflects on the loss of a father, a relationship, and the legacy of colonialism. The event is free and open to the public.